Lohengrin / La Monnaie de Munt

“Eric Cutler makes a stunning debut as Lohengrin. He is fantastic, in every turn a secure heroic tenor, who also – but this applies to all performers – makes the day with exemplary pronunciation. Since every word is not only perfectly sung, but also understandable.”

{Eric Cutler gibt ein atemberaubendes Debüt als Lohengrin. Er ist ein phantastischer, in jeder Tonlage sicherer Heldentenor, der außerdem – aber das gilt für alle Mitwirkenden – eine mustergültige Aussprache an den Tag legt. Da ist jedes Wort nicht nur perfekt gesungen, sondern auch noch verständlich.}


Photo: Clärchen and Matthias Baus

“La Monnaie had taken the risk of entrusting the opera to singers who had never performed them before. A winning bet, made by the American tenor Eric Cutler, who illuminates the title role with a thousand shades and impressive vocal ease.”

{La Monnaie avait pris le risque de confier l’opéra à des chanteurs qui ne l’avaient encore jamais interprété. Pari gagnant, porté par le ténor américain Eric Cutler, qui illumine de mille nuances et d’une impressionnante aisance vocale le rôle-titre.}

Philippe Venturini – Les Echos

“The cast is dominated by Eric Cutler’s splendid and sensitive Lohengrin.”

{La distribution est dominée par le splendide et sensible Lohengrin d’Eric Cutler.}

Patrice Lieberman – Bachtrack

“One discovery is the original way Eric Cutler transforms the Swan Knight. On the border between vital and still lyrically beautiful – without falling into power or sexless radiance.”

{Eine Entdeckung ist die originelle Art und Weise, wie sich Eric Cutler den Schwanenritter anverwandelt. Auf der Grenze zwischen vital und noch lyrisch schön – ohne in Kraftmeierei oder geschlechtsloses Strahlen zu verfallen.}

Joachim Lange – nmz.de

“The panache and the fine nuances of Eric Cutler as Lohengrin are wondrous …”

{Le panache et les fines nuances d’Eric Cutler en Lohengrin font merveille …}

Christian Jade – RTBF.de

“Beginning in the title role, Eric Cutler shines with his clear tenor, immaculately carved and projected … with taciturn and feverish accents that do not alter the elegance of expression.”

{Débutant dans le rôle-titre, Eric Cutler fait briller son clair ténor, impeccablement sculpté et projeté … avec des accents taciturnes et fiévreux qui ne n’altèrent pas l’élégance de l’expression.}

Emmanuel Dupuy – Díapason

“The arrival on stage of tenor Eric Cutler, an American who lives in Germany, who debuts in the role, is one of those who we will remember: he perfectly embodies the hero, tall, a beautiful voice with good tone but who also knows how to express himself softly in the sweet tones of love for Elsa …”

{L’entrata in scena del tenore Eric Cutler, americano che vive in Germania, al debutto nel ruolo, è di quelli che si fa ricordare: incarna perfettamente l’eroe, alto, voce dal bel timbro e di buona potenza ma che sa modularsi soavemente nei toni dolci dell’amore per Elsa …}

Alma Torretta – giornaledellamusica.it

“Without missing color and projection, Eric Cutler has a smooth and clear voice and presents a Lohengrin whose first quality is the finesse of a solar song …”

{Sans manquer de couleur et de projection, Eric Cutler possède une voix douce et claire et campe un Lohengrin dont la qualité première est la finesse d’un chant solaire …}

Christophe Candoni – sceneweb.fr

“The biggest discovery is the tall as a tree, robust and yet endearing tenor Eric Cutler, who makes an unforgettable debut as Lohengrin … a rare mix of lyricism and stamina. He sings the Gralserzählung so tenderly, enchantingly and without edge that it can not be experienced with dry eyes.”

{De grootste ontdekking is de boomlange, robuuste en toch aandoenlijke tenor Eric Cutler, die een onvergetelijk roldebuut maakt als Lohengrin … een zeldzame mix van lyriek en stamina. Hij zingt de Gralserzählung zo teder, braamloos en betoverend dat het niet met droge ogen te verdragen valt.}

Mischa Spel – NRC.nl